Who we are

Innovation in mixing technologies

Consorzio Monsaldo operates in the field of specialized industrial plant engineering and boast a highly qualified staff with over thirty years of experience, able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
Consorzio Monsaldo is highly projected towards technological innovation and constant evolution in designing, manufacturing and installing complete “turnkey” solutions, with the aim of maintaining the highest level of quality required by our partners.
Consorzio Monsaldo is highly specialized particularly in the production of tailored stainless steel mixing equipment, for the cosmetica, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, always realized according to the specific instructions and requests of each customer. Among our customers, we boast some of the biggest cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical multinational companies, that have been considering us, for many years now, a point of reference for the realization of their industrial plants.

Consorzio Monsaldo avails itself of:
• A highly professional technical staff, that elaborates estimates, executes sketch, particular’s drawings and maximal plans, in line with the technical departments concerned.
• A high skilled and specialized staff.
• The advice of some of the most qualified studios of industrial plant engineering.

What we do

  • Turnkey industrial plants and modifications of existing plants

  • Customized stainless steel mixing equipment for the cosmetica, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry

  • Stainless steel and carbon steel tailor-made tanks of any size

  • Metallic carpentry, with CE certification

  • Interred and/or aerial pipes

  • Alimentary and sanitary piping

  • Stainless steel, carbonic and PVC special pieces


  • Aia Spa
  • Johnson & Johnson Spa
  • Chimec Spa
  • Huntsman Spa
  • Serono Spa
  • Itercooperativa Ravennate Scarl
  • Corain Impianti Srl
  • Chemi Spa
  • Italaquae Spa
  • Accornero & C. Nord Spa
  • Coman Service Spa
  • Olpidürr Spa